Serving Operative Plasterers in the Metropolitan Area


Building Trades working together to build the industry.


Apprenticeship & Journeyman Training


Mission and Values

The Twin Cities Plasterers are highly regarded for their proud tradition, superior training, skilled craftsmanship and job safety. We believe Education is for everyone.

Commitment to Community

Helping the community grow the trades and working together is an essential part of being an Union Member. As an apprentice you will have the opportunity to work on projects.

Easy Online Application

Our online application makes it easy to get assistance to be placed with a signatory contractor to get sponsored to start your career as an Union Plasterer with Local 265.

What is A Plasterer?

A plasterer is a skilled tradesperson who works with plaster on walls and decorative moldings on walls and/or ceilings. Today’s plasterers use traditional techniques as well as modern skills of house plastering, stucco systems, covering, plastering, repairing, texture plastering, fireproof construction, plastering on concrete and masonry and more. The process of creating plasterwork has been used in building construction for centuries.

Scope of work includes

Plaster Systems
Cement Stucco Systems
Wall Coatings
Repairing & Restoration
Casting & Running Molds
Ornamental Plaster
Exterior Installation Foam Systems
Interior and Exterior Plastering Construction

How to Become a Member

In order to become a member of Twin Cities Plasterers Local 265 you must be sponsored by a Signatory Contractor. This means that one of our signed contractors has agreed to hire you to work in the field. Once you have worked for a company, an Union Representative will meet with you to have the required paperwork signed. You will be charged an one time initiation fee and monthly union dues to stay a member.

Options to Become a Member

Option 1

Check if you have the qualifications needed to apply into the registered apprenticeship program. Read details about the program and fill out the online application. Once you have completed this step we will add you to our database and contact you about opportunities as well as work with contractors to place you in the right position for you.

Option 2

Do you have previous work history with Plastering? You may proceed to the signatory contractors list to directly to apply for a job. Even those people that are employed directly will need to attend training through Registered Apprenticeship. You will be placed according to your work experience. To receive job assistance please fill out the application